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Balance / Dizziness Program



Are you Dizzy?

Off Balance?

Have a fear of falling?  



Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults


The elderly seek treatment for dizziness and imbalance more frequently than for hearing loss, yet there are fewer clinicians trained and equipped to deal with them


Vestibular Testing


Lori T. Swaldi MPT/DPT/VCS  

is the only vestibular clinical specialist 

in the area and 

                                        may be able to HELP.  



Lori Swaldi treating balance patientLori offers full Balance and Dizziness Rehabilitation services for the adult and pediatric populations. In her specialized approach, Lori utilizes the most advanced technology available for the successful evaluation and treatment of her patients.  


Lori takes pride in the effectiveness of her treatments and the hundreds of people who are no longer dizzy or falling thanks to the specialized care she provides.  95% of Lori's patients with positional vertigo achieve 100% resolution of symptoms with one treatment.






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