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Prosthetics & Orthotics Program

The Prosthetic & Orthotics Program at Star Inc. is provided by:

Susquehanna Valley Prosthetics and Orthotics Inc. (SVPO)

SVPO offers prosthetics and orthotics services at Star's facility in Marion Heights, however, their home office is located in Shamokin Dam, PA.

SVPO provides state of the art prosthetics & orthotics for every phase of life.  SVPO offers compassionate care, quality service and utilizes the latest technology.

Frank T. Dominick III, certified prosthetist and owner of SVPO, has been working in the field of prosthetics and orthotics since 1995.  He received his bachelor of science degree from Clarion University of PA and his graduate certificate in prosthetics from Northwestern University Medical School.  Frank is certified by the American Board for Certfication in Orthotics and Prosthetics and is a member of (AOPA) American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association and the American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics.  SVPO was established in February 2000.

Here are just some of the products and services SVPO provides:

Orthotics:  Shoes & Inserts - State of the art custom molded inserts are fabricated to each patient's diagnosis, condition and needs.  Custom molded shoes are hand crafted to provide the highest level of fit, accuracy and style for all types of feet that require special attention.

Braces:  SVPO offers a wide range of braces for upper and lower extremities, hips and back.  Most braces are custom-made on site in our fully equipped fabrication lab.  

C-Leg:  You'll never have to worry about your next step.  The C-Leg is a computerized leg that thinks for you.  It's all due to the micro-processor technology that electronically controls movements for the most natural gait possible.  The C-Leg automatically adjusts to the proper gait speed and terrain. 

Alpha Liners:  Comfort is key to Alpha Fabric Covering:

bulletAdded durability
bullet6 different sizes
bulletLess skin breakdown
bulletAbsorbs forces applied to the limb (perfect for diabetics)
bulletCushion liner and locking liner
bulletEast to put on
bullet3 thicknesses available
bulletComfortable socket design

Myoelectric Prosthesis:  Frank is trained and qualified to fit upper extremity myoelectric prosthesis devices.  This prosthesis uses electrodes placed against the skin to read the electrical impulse from that muscle to operate the prosthetic hand.

Pathfinder Foot:  Proven durability and unique triangular design makes this foot the choice of active amputees.  The Pathfinder foot features a pneumatic heel spring, a composite foot plate, a proximal adapter and a split toe spring.  These five components work together to provide the amputee with more flexibility, greater dynamic responses and preloading of the toe.

Post Mastectomy Boutique:  SVPO's feminine boutique carries full variety of breast forms including light-weight forms, swim forms and self adhesive forms.  Marlene Dominick, office manager, is a certified fitter of all post mastectomy items including custom-made breast prosthesis, an alternative to breast reconstructive surgery.  This unique prosthesis will match each patients skin tone and chest wall.  Also available are many styles of bras, camisoles, sport bras and swimwear in all sizes and a variety of colors.  The boutique offers a variety of hats, turbans and scarfs for women undergoing chemotherapy.


Contact SVPO for an appointment today:

49 South Old Trail, Suite A

Shamokin Dam, PA  17876

Toll Free:  877-393-1414




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Marion Heights, PA  17832



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Bloomsburg, PA  17815




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